Stone Trends for 2016

Stone is for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor fireplaces and more! In recent years, stone has been a popular choice for various home services from counters to floors to walls. Stone has been showing up in more than just kitchens and bathrooms as well. More and more it is included in areas such as living areas and recreation rooms.

Why Buy a Whole Stone Slab?

In past years, if someone wanted to replace their kitchen counter, they would order a new counter in the material they desired. In Denver, for example, granite slabs have been a popular choice of material. But sometimes more than one area needs stone materials. When a stone slab is purchased, the part needed for the counter can be cut out, and the remainder can be used in other parts of the home.

Depending on how much of the slab is used for the counter, other portions can be used as countertop backsplash, fireplace mantels, hearths and/or surrounds, or even to use in a nearby bathroom to carry the pattern from one area to another and to save money.

Going Beyond Granite

While granite continues to stay popular, other types of materials are also being used in creating custom countertops and walls. Quartz slabs are popular among those who want a genuine modern look. Quartz can be one solid color; it can be a tight grain pattern or have a pattern that appears as granite or marble slab would. Marble is also a popular choice, and is often considered a lot more luxurious than granite or other types of stone slabs.

Taking Stone Outside

Stone slabs for outdoor areas are also a big trend. These may be used in patios or outdoor entertaining spaces or even as part of an outdoor kitchen. The most common material used in this type of application is granite.

Color and Texture

In 2016, most stone colors remain mostly neutral, where things are getting switched up is with texture. When buying granite slabs in Denver, or various other stones, the purchaser can choose between a polished, honed or leathered finished for the slab. Each option has a different quality.

Honed Look

Honed finishes have the most popularity with those who choose granite or marble. With marble slabs the honed finish can be more desirable because marble can etch easily. On a honed marble finish it is harder to see the etch marks and other imperfections the way a polished marble stone slab would.

Leathered Look

The leathered look is relatively new, and is common on all colors of granite. This option mutes the color and appears as a matte finish with a textured surface.

Polished Surfaces

Despite what trends may come and go, many people will never let go of their polished stone. Polished stone looks sleek, clean, and reflects light — all things that keep it popular even when trends change.