Stone Finishes – Which is Right for Me?

Once you have decided to purchase a stone countertop, you have only begun to make selections on its final look. You may be surprised to discover precisely how much the finish you choose for the stone will affect the end product. For granite countertops, marble countertops and quartz countertops, the right finish will ensure a lovely result in your Denver home.


The high-gloss look of a polished finish is unbeatably sleek and smooth. With this finish, the stone is ground and buffed until the unique colors of the stone shine through.

Pros: minimally porous, has a consistent texture across the slab


The honed finish stone is matte, and not shiny or slippery. The honing process fades some of the stone’s color, particularly with darker veins. Since it is not reflective, it is easier to hide blemishes.

Pros: provides an up-to-date look, perfect for casual use


If you do not want a smooth surface, you may enjoy a countertop with the slight texture of leather or suede. The leathered finish is not so rough that you would damage things you put on the countertop.

Pros: finish is not reflective, so it is less likely to show smudges or fingerprints

Matte leathered finish stone countertop

Leathered Finish


What if you want something between the matte finish of honing and leather, and the reflectiveness of polish? Caressed is the finish for you. The leathering process adds a bit of texture to the stone. To make the finish caressed, professionals add a layer of gloss to the higher spots of the leathered slab. This makes the surface less porous, and adds a certain degree of shine to the final product.

Pros: some reflectiveness, pleasant texture, minimal porousness

Bush Hammered

One of the roughest of finishes, the bush hammered approach calls for a grounding process that may dull the color of the stone even more than honing. Bush hammering is ideal for outdoors. Although the roughness of the stone is greater than it would be with a leathering finish, it is also more uniform.

Pros: excellent feel, rustic appearance, uniform texture

Cons: may fade darker colors, less useful for indoor applications

The best finish for your granite countertops depends largely on your needs. Do you want to minimize the maintenance? Do you prefer a glossy or matte finish? With these considerations in mind, you can compare the respective finishes for your marble countertops and make the right decision for your Denver home.

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