How to get inspired to update your home in ways that matter

There is a season for everything. A season to be inspired. A season to dream and a season to make steps towards making those dreams a reality.

Your home is your palace, and sometimes you just want to make it better—but how? There’s so much to consider. Where do you start? We suggest letting yourself dream a little. When we want to become inspired, some of our favorite places to let our minds wander in wonder are: nature, internet idea retailers like, and Denver’s own annual Parade of Homes.

So, browse a little; take a tour; envision your home with a new vibe or a new function. Once you’ve had time to imagine and collect ideas for upgrading your home, we think you’ll notice the same patterns we have. The most elegant, functional interiors and exteriors trending right now feature granite floors, granite countertops or porcelain tile. We can help you with all three.

Granite Floors

One of our favorite 2016 Denver Parade of Homes “Dream Homes” features a gorgeous gray and tan granite floor in a windowed bathroom with a vista of rolling green, gray and tan foothills. The flooring connects the interior to the environment outside, helping the bath to feel spacious, luxurious and earthy at the same time. The floor creates a space where you want to linger.

You can get the same effect in your own home and Creations in Tile & Marble can help. We offer custom granite fabrication and installation of all types. Wonderful qualities of granite flooring include:

  • It’s extremely durable and stain resistant.
  • Diamond is the hardest substance, but few know granite is the second hardest!
  • The high quartz content of granite gives it extra sparkle.

Once you narrow down the colors you like, you will need to pick a finish for your flooring. Most tiles are available in polished, honed or flamed finishes. Tiles also come in a variety of sizes. Because natural stone is just that, natural, the colors and textures of the flooring can vary. For that reason, we take care to help you order enough flooring to comfortably finish your project to your liking. Natural stone is best sealed after it is installed. The final step: enjoy your beautiful floor. Yes, there’s a season for that too. 

Granite Countertops

What home cook doesn’t dream of granite countertops of just the right color to complement cabinets and favorite appliances? Architectural magazines, websites and TV home renovation shows feature kitchens shining with granite countertops year after year for good reasons. Granite countertops weather hard routine use and look great with simple care.

All of the unique qualities of granite previously listed for flooring apply to countertops as well. But, there are many things to consider when you pick out countertops for your kitchen, bath or outdoor living space. You’ll want to ensure the granite slabs you buy are of the highest quality with polished edges, no scratches or pitting and clear finishes. Check out our tips for helping you pick out the best granite slab to make your kitchen, bath or outdoor space complete.

And a word to the wise… We know there is a horror out there known as “peel and stick granite.” Please don’t do buy it. It may be cheap, but you get what you pay for. We know our Denver customers have great taste and good sense. Invest in quality granite countertops that will give you and your family use and enjoyment for years to come.

Porcelain Tile

Upgrading the tile in a dingy, worn bath or replacing dated tile in your kitchen are two of the best small improvements you can make to your home. Kitchens and baths are places you want to feel clean and fresh. New porcelain tile immediately brightens or adds drama to your décor and increases your home’s value.

Whether you want a pop of color or are eager to stay current with neutrals, we can help. Check out our blog detailing the Top Five Trends for 2016 for design inspiration. Once you know what you like, you can count on us for efficient, professional installation. We are your custom tile experts in Denver.

Granite tile and slabs and porcelain tile can add a lifetime of beauty and durability to your home. We have many happy customers who vouch for the quality of our work and friendliness of our customer service. Call Creations in Tile & Marble today at 303-733-2449 or contact us online to request your free estimate.