How to clean stone naturally?

We receive numerous calls in regards to how to clean natural stone slabs and tile after they have been installed. There are endless options when it comes to cleaning your granite, marble and other natural stone countertops or floors. There are also many manufacturers of natural stone cleaners. Some will be a general cleaner for natural stone or may be specific to granite or marble only.

There are even natural stone cleaners that are “non-toxic” and plant based. An example of this sort of cleaner is Daily Granite Cleaner by Method. Since the available options are endless you need to really look at what is in the cleaner. The things you need to avoid when purchasing a stone cleaner is harsh chemicals, abrasive, or acidic components. We recommend sticking to good ol’ soap and water.

For tile floor surfaces we recommend dust mopping frequently to reduce the amount of grit and dirt that gets tracked in on the floor from outside. You can also use a clean rag mop with warm water and liquid mild soap to clean the floor. Be sure to use a small amount of the liquid soap, if you use too much it can leave a film on the material and it can looked “streaked”. Once you have mopped the surface you will need to use a clean soft cloth to dry the floor.

Please remember to never use anything abrasive or acidic on the floor. Some examples of acidic items would be lemon juice or vinegar, using these types of products on your natural stone tile floor can scratch the floor (“etch”) or alter the finish.

For tile or slab countertops or other surface areas we recommend using a clean non-abrasive soft cloth with warm water and mild soap. Wash the surface thoroughly, and rinse well, then dry with another clean non-abrasive soft cloth. Avoid using too much soap, it will create a film and will appear as “streaked”.

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When cleaning granite, marble or other stone, avoid using a cleaner with harsh chemicals, abrasive, or acidic components as they can “etch” or damage the surface.