Natural Stone Finishes

Do you want to alter the finish of your stone slabs? Good news, you can! There are a lot of different finishes out there, it is very important to educate yourself on the Pros and Cons.



The polish finish is what typically comes from the manufacturer for most granite and marble slabs. This finish is a high gloss finish and the least porous option available. Please note polished marble can etch easily and a honed finish may be more desirable.


When you think of a hone finish its common to associate it with a “matte” finish and mutes the color. During this process the polished factory finish is stripped off, opening the pores of the stone making it more porous.


Leathering a slab starts with taking a honed finish and adding texture. When adding texture to the slab it closes the pores of the slab back up and retains the color, which makes the finish less porous than the honed finish.


Carress finish is similar to leathering except it softens the finish and brings out the color a lot more.