Marble and Granite Applications

Curious to where you can put marble and granite?

Both granite and marble are natural stones, which can be used in multiple different kinds of areas and different applications. It doesn’t matter if it is granite or marble tiles, or granite or marble solid slabs. Below is a list of common areas we install both materials.

Keep in mind on areas of “high traffic” or “heavily used” marble slabs or marble tiles will require a little more maintenance due to how soft and porous it is. Marble is more susceptible to etching, and staining and are not “ideal” for those areas.

Lastly, a penetrating sealer should be applied to all granite tiles, marble tiles, granite slabs and marble slabs to help limit liquid absorption and some stain resistance.

Here at Creations In Tile & Marble we use granite and marble tiles and solid slabs for:

  • Fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantels
  • Columns
  • Countertops- bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, office, wet and dry bars, etc.
  • Walls
  • Showers floors, walls, seats
  • Tubs faces, decks, surrounds
  • All flooring
  • Backsplashes
  • Cheese Boards
  • Boards for candy making/baking, etc.
Stone, Quartz, Marble & Granite

We install marble, granite, porcelain and travertine tiles. All fabrication is done in-house at our Denver, Colorado location!