2016 Tile Trends

As we are wrapping up 2015 and looking forward to what 2016 will bring, I cannot help but wonder what will be trending for tile in 2016? After doing a bit of research on the latest tile trends, I came across an article from Building Design + Construction that gives examples of what is going to be “In”.

We get to look forward to large format tiles which can be found in natural stones such as travertine, and can also be found in porcelain tiles. We’ve had the pleasure of working on a project that requires 24″x48″ large format tiles that we are still in the process doing, it is turning out beautifully and will post pictures as they become available.

3D Tile will be in as well and there are a lot different options for designs and colors. The classic brick pattern is still in and you will be seeing more of the Chevron pattern!

Article from Building Design + Construction